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Safe to Use Micro Rings

Micro ring hair extensions are an excellent choice for those wanting hair extensions for the first time. The micro ring method is applied to your natural hair without the use of glue, heat or chemicals. The natural hair is gently pulled through the micro ring, the stick tip is then inserted into the ring alongside the natural hair and the micro ring is squeezed shut using a hair clamp to hold the extension in place.

Micro rings can easily be taken out in such a way that they can be reused by de-flattening the ring to release them. This makes them a great value, even if you only use them for a short time or longer

Safe to Use Weaves

Weaves are designed to be worn for a short amount of time, anywhere from one day to a couple of months. Unlike a haircut, which you have to wait on to grow out, hair weaves are low commitment options. If you're not crazy about how your weave style looks on you, you can either ask your stylist to change it up or remove it. You're not stuck with a weave forever, which is perfect for women who like to switch things up often. This also works well for ladies who like frequent colour changes -- now you can have blue streaks one week and pink ones the next, with no fear of damage .  

Removing Weave extensions one track at a time by cutting the thread and then removing the micro rings with pliers.

Professional removal costs between £1 0- £20 f which can be carried out in around 15 minutes .                

Every woman will agree that, regardless of their body shape, face structure and age, the one thing that every woman takes pride in is her hair. Dolly Locks luxury hair range provides a fuller, more alluring look in an exciting collection of colours and textures, which are designed to blend in seamlessly with your own hair to create a natural and perfect end result.

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0n arrival ,I will discuss the method you would like, colour and the length of the hair extensions required.